It all begins with an environmentally conscious and sustainable process in the Northwest mountain region of America. The boards are naturally weathered for at least seven years. They are often used to create snow banks that protect roadways and to distribute falling snow evenly across public spaces. Farmers are known to use snow fences to create drifts for land basins, which then melt in the spring creating natural water supplies for animals.

Reborn: Snow Fence Field
Reborn: Wyoming Snow Fence
Reborn: Wyoming Sunrise
Snow Fence: Reclaimed
Reborn: Upcycled Wood
Reborn: Reclaimed Wood
Snow Fence: Reclaimed
Reborn: Naturally Aged
Snow Fence: Reclaimed


Reborn is genuine true reclaimed wood harvested from Wyoming snow fence.


The natural variety of wood, color, and texture is unique to each board. What can be mistaken for paint is actually an all natural patina that has a neutral tone that can vary from light gray to dark gray. Perfect for wall paneling, accents and other projects with a quick and easy installation. Reborn snow fence provides an attractive way to bring a designer quality, distressed look, and style to any room.


Follow seven-step installation instructions for quick and easy directions to transform your room. Get Started page includes detailed steps and installation video including how-to: measure your wall, prepare your surface, use a stud finder, determine your design, select a starting point, install your wall boards, and add finishing touches to your new decor.


We always recommend an acclimation period of 3 to 5 days for authentic reclaimed wood.

Enjoy your new snow fence wall boards created by Mother Nature, crafted by professionals and designed by you.