100% Recycled Reborn Upcycle Reclaimed Wood Panel Snow Fence
USA Made Reborn Upcycle Reclaimed Wood Panel Snow Fence
VOC Chemical Free Reborn Upcycle Reclaimed Wood Panel Snow Fence

Our naturally weathered snow fence wood comes from the mountainsides and open prairies of Wyoming. The used pine, fir, and spruce boards from snow fences used to be burned or thrown into a landfill after being replaced by new wood boards. Reborn™ reclaimed wood is sustainably sourced, aged, preserved, and authentically weathered for years on 12' to 16' tall snow fences. Our reclaimed wood is decorated with genuine designs and naturally dried by wind, snow and sun. This reclaimed wood allows Reborn™ to remove the carbon-producing, kiln-drying standard many companies use today.


Reclaimed snow fences are known for the rustic charm. Every board is unique, with knots, nail holes, textures, and variations in color and patina.


Because the Wyoming snow fences are above ground and endure harsh weatherization, Reborn™ is insect-free, as well as mold and mildew resistant. Reborn™ is also chemical-free. Reborn™ has never been treated with wood preservative pesticides, commonly called creosote or pentachlorophenol treatment, which is a probable human carcinogen. Most salvaged wood boards, barn wood, and building planks are chemically treated or painted; meaning the product could contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These harmful compounds include gasses, bacteria, lead paint and other contaminants, which are trapped inside the wood and will eventually release into the environment. That is why we provide a product that is made of authentic, safe, and beautiful snow fence.